Radon Mitigation System Maintenance

Radon Away radon fans Your radon system is virtually maintenance free. The only moving part is the fan that applies negative pressure to the under slab area of your home. Your radon system should maintain effectiveness for as long as the fan is running. Radon Away fans are guaranteed, parts and labor, for a period of five years.

The fans move less air than many bathroom fans (typically less than 60 CFM), and continuous operation is required yet inexpensive (similar to a 40-80 watt light bulb). Fans are designed to allow rain and all other water to pass through to the soil. Rain caps on the vent pipe are not recommended.

Check that the fan is operating:

Periodically review the systems manometer tubing to verify that the fan is creating vacuum under the slab. The manometer is a pressure gauge measuring the inverse relationship between suction and air flow. It is not a measure of Radon concentration.

non working radon manometer

Fan is Off

working radon manometer

Fan Engaged

If both columns on the manometer are level, equaling zero, the fan is no longer in service.

  • Check that electrical current is running to the fan: switches are on, breakers are on.
  • Check the clear hose at the top of the gauge (is it un-connected, crimped or clogged)
  • Please contact us if service is required.

Retest your home every two years:

The EPA recommends that you retest your home every two years. Free test kits can be obtained from the Tennesee Radon Program by using the Online Test Kit Request Form, or by calling the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).

(For internal systems only):

Periodically review the flashing gasket and sealant around the roof penetration. Plumbing boots do not last as long as most roofing shingles.